We interviewed the owner of Shop Madison Riley to ask about her 7 favorite Winter Fashion Trends of 2023.

1. Puffer Vest

I've been seeing this puffer vest style everywhere. They are a wardrobe staple, that you can throw over every look. My favorite is the black puffer vest because black goes with everything.


2. Layering Jewelry

The layering jewelry look is chic and classy. You can layer necklaces, rings, earrings, or bracelets. Layering jewelry pulls a look together. My favorite is layering gold necklaces (my everyday necklace look is linked below) 


Layering Necklaces

3. Oversized Black Leather Jacket

Every woman should have an oversized black leather jacket in their closet. You can throw it over any outfit and it pulls it together, while still being comfortable. My absolute favorite women's black leather jacket is linked below. The fit is unbeatable.

Oversized Leather Jacket


4. Matching Sweat Set

I reach for the matching sweat sets in my closet multiple times a week. You look put together with minimal effort.


matching set

5. Lace Up Biker Short

A pair of biker shorts with an oversized hoodie and some white sneakers, that's a cute look. Add some layered jewelry and you have that effortless look everyone's going for. These laced-up biker shorts below are my go-to.


Black Biker Shorts

6. Silk Slip Dress

A silk slip dress is elegant and sexy. I've been wearing silk slip dresses as my go-to wedding look. The one linked below is a 2023 Valentine's day must!


Silk Slip Dress


7. Beanie and Scarf

A beanie and scarf set is an adorable look on a cold day. Everyone can use a high-quality beanie scarf set in their wardrobe. 

Scarf and Beanie Set

January 10, 2023 — Madison Moriarty

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